Britain's Dumbest Robber

Nothing beats a good disguise when you need to beat the security cameras. Maybe go with a wig and fake mustache or stick with the traditional ski mask. There's plenty of options if you're willing to get creative, a plastic grocery bag is not one of them.
Police have released footage of a robbery that occurred last year and it shows 41yr. old James Neil walking into a convenience store wearing a plastic bag on his head. Why would he do that? Because he was all fucked up and him and his buddy needed more booze. Police in Cornwall, England said Neil and his companion stormed the store demanding money and booze. Both men, wearing plastic bags, threatened the clerk with a gun that turned out to be a cell phone. When she sounded the alarm Neil headbutted her and the pair fled with only one bottle. Police reviewed the footage and were able to immediately identify the thieves. An off-duty cop recognized Neil two days later and he was charged and sentenced to 2 years in prison. His accomplice was sentenced to 2 years in a youth offenders institute. Plenty of time to come up with a better disguise for the next big heist.
The Sun has the story

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