Dallas Police Recover Stolen Smoker

Might not be a bad lesson for the cops on this one to remember to lock up the precinct smoker when it's not being used. Honestly though, how many people are dumb enough to try and break into a police lot to steal a smoker? Well, right now that count is at 1.
The Dallas Police Association lost one of their prized possessions last week after a ballsy thief broke into the lot and drove away with a giant 20ft. long trailer mounted smoker grill. The Police Association uses the smoker at big events like fundraisers and fallen-officers events. This being Texas you know they take their BBQ seriously. 
The whole thing went down last Friday night when two criminals cut through the lock on the gate at headquarters and hitched the giant smoker trailer to their truck and pulled off. The two thieves forgot one minor detail though, this is a police lot with lots of surveillance cameras around. Officers went over the footage and had a clear view of the white pick-up truck used in the robbery. With a little help from the public and a few hours of patrolling Dallas Police were able to locate the smoker. It was found at the home of a known area drug dealer. Cops posted up at the home and pounced at 4:30 Sunday morning to make the bust. They found two suspects who admitted to the whole thing once they found out they were on camera during the heist. The two men told officers that they were forced to commit the crime as part of a drug trade of sorts. They told officers that a local dealer had promised them $75 worth of weed if they were able to steal the smoker which was then going to be used at a local BBQ restaurant. Police estimate the worth of the smoker at around $10,000 so it's safe to say it wasn't exactly a fair trade.  Reports state that both men are in custody and have not been formally charged yet. My guess is that the cops found more than just a smoker at the drug house and are racking up more charges. The smoker has been returned to headquarters and after a few minor repairs should be as good as new and ready to cook. I hate to see any kind of grill desecrated.
Dallas News has the story

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