LEGO Figures Are Getting Angrier

As a life long fan of LEGO I have to say this article pissed me off a little bit. Leave it to the PC Police to come out against LEGO, possibly one of the most innocent toy lines that's available for children these days. New research being conducted at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand says that over the last few years LEGO figurines have become increasingly angry and better armed. LEGO figures of old always had a happy, smiling face but one expert, Christoph Bartneck, says that he's seeing more and more anger in the in the faces of LEGO characters. Not only that but weapons have become a big part of LEGO sets too,

"We cannot help but wonder how the move from only positive faces to an increasing number of negative faces impacts how children play."

Really? Looks like the pussification of America continues. I know that seems harsh but do these people really think that some kid is going to see a scowl on a LEGO figure and say to himself, 'Well, my toy is always mad so I have to always be mad.' I don't think little kids really pay attention to things like that. Then again, I'm not a university expert who's being paid to study the face of a plastic toy. 
Bartneck is also concerned with the increase of weapons in LEGOs, mainly in the conflict themed sets. He's worried this might conflict with LEGO's image of being the happy toy and will cause children to grow up laden with fear and anger. LEGO had no comment on the matter but Bartneck says he studied over 6,000 figurines and has compiled his research into a presentation he will give in Japan later this summer. 
CNN has the story

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