Naked Man Proposes to Girlfriend At Wrong House

I would think that if you're getting ready to marry someone knowing where they live would be a good start to a long lasting marriage. Another good idea would be to keep your close on during the proposal just in case you didn't have the right address.
A Seminole County, FL man found out the hard way what happens when you take off all your clothes and try to propose to your girlfriend. Thomas Edwards, 22, might not be the brightest bulb in the drawer but at least his heart was in the right place. Edwards arrived at the wrong home this past Sunday night when trying to pull off the nude proposal and even after the homeowner explained to him that he had the wrong address Edwards insisted on carrying out his romantic plan. The residents of the house called police to report the naked Edwards and when the arrived the real fireworks started. Police confronted the nude Lothario and demanded that he put his clothes back on. Edwards didn't think that was the best idea so he spit in a cops face then was taken down with a stun gun. The homeowner told police that they've never seen Edwards before and had no idea who his girlfriend was, dude wasn't even close to where he was supposed to be. Edwards was later charged with burglary of a dwelling, battery on a law enforcement officer, and indecent exposure. Here's hoping his girlfriend sees the light and decides not to marry him but something tells me they'll get hitched and the local police will become good friends with the future Edwards family.
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