Substitute Teacher Calls the FBI

An elementary school in Florida can scratch one name off the list of substitute teachers to call. This past Friday morning in Deltona, FL a grade school principal had to remove a sub from the grounds after the woman complained of hearing voices screaming obscenities outside her classroom window. The only problem was there was no one outside. The substitute teacher, 51yr. old Robin Forde, was in the office ranting about calling  the FBI, CIA, and the president before the police showed up around 9am. Forde had called the police in to investigate the voices and told them that she never saw anyone but heard them yelling. The police found nothing. Some of the students and teachers from nearby classrooms were interviewed and they said there was no loud noises or voices coming from Forde's room. She insisted that the voices were there and threatened multiple times to call the president to report the matter. Forde claimed the voices belonged to the drug dealers from Georgia who were following her and trying to steal her identity. Safe to say at this point that Mrs. Forde is a touch crazy. Once officers calmed her down and determined she was no longer a threat to herself or the school they called her a taxi and sent her home. Forde wasn't charged with any crime but she is officially banned from school grounds.
New Journal has the story

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