Teacher Found Drunk On Field Trip

I mean really, can you blame this lady for wanting to get drunk before chaperoning a field trip with a bunch of kids. Only problem is the school board doesn't see it that way and now one teacher's career hangs in the balance.
A Janesville, WI teacher is facing disciplinary action after having a few drinks to start the day before the big field trip. The teacher in question is 50yr. old Maria Caya and it sounds like she enjoys her sauce. Things went downhill for Mrs. Caya after she barfed and passed out at the bowling alley where the trip was being held. By the way, Wisconsin has to be the only state in the country where a trip to the local bowling alley counts as a field trip. Anywho, Mrs. Caya's husband took her to the hospital after she passed out fearing that she was ill, turns out she was just drunk. The nurses at the hospital took her blood alcohol level and she registered at 0.27 which is legally drunk and safe to say very shit faced. Caya also admitted to hospital staff that she had began drinking at 6 a.m that morning. As someone who enjoys a drink and a good party I can't ever think of a reason to begin drinking at 6 in the morning. Ever. Caya was one of 8 district employees chaperoning along with a group of parents but none of them seemed to notice any signs that Caya was drunk. Police were called in but at the time they couldn't find any real reason to press charges. One of the officers said other than child endangerment he can't think of any crime she broke and even that might be a stretch considering none of the children were in any real danger. Officials at her school said there would be a hearing to determine the next course of action which could range from a suspension to a full on firing. Personally, I think this lady needs to sign up for a few AA meetings because cracking your first drink at 6 a.m. might be a good sign that you have a drinking problem.
Channel 300 has the story

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