The Adventures of Barrel~dEM

I wanted to shine some light and give some love to a great site that's run by a collection of DJs, producers, artists and everything in between. What makes Barrel~dEM great is that it has so many different musical perspectives it makes for a unique listening experience. The site focuses mainly on electronic music but with so many different people posting you never know what you're going to get. I caught up with one of the main contributors, No boats, to get a little Barrel~dEm history,

"Barrel~dEM was started by myself in May 2011. I was deejaying in Chicago and wanted to share my love of music and also archive my own favorite tunes somewhere since I had lost so many to hard drive failures and scratched CD and records over the years. "Barrel~dEM" was an inside joke between friends - it came from one of my favorite Jamaican films - Third World Cop. There's a line where a preacher says "Where me barrel dem?" The movie is so bad it's good ... I highly recommend it. Anyway, I asked a few of my friends who were also DJ and / or artists or music lovers to contribute. Over the years, some have come and gone. Some, including myself have moved away from Chicago ... but it's the love of music, which is stronger in Chicago than anywhere I've ever lived ... that kept the thing going. We now average about 8,000 views a month from all over the world, and recently started doing artist interview. We are always looking for new contributors. Of course, it's a non-paying gig ... no one has ever been paid a dime. That's about it I guess."

Don't Eat the Gravy has featured a few of the other contributors like Drew Id and members of the Chicago Producers Cooperative in past podcasts. Check out the links below and spread the word on Barrel~dEM!! 

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