The Old "Tossed Salad" Trick

The creep pictured above is 43yr. old sex offender Anthony Gentile and he recently racked up some more jail time after putting a new spin on an old trick. Anthony works in the kitchen at a county jail down in Florida and he's in charge of making the salads. This past Sunday he was charged with felony battery after he dipped, wiped, and tossed his nut sack on a salad that he later gave to a guard. A witness in the kitchen said that Gentile "took a spoon he was using and placed it down his pants and rubbed his genitalia with it."
The preparations didn't stop there, he then "placed his genitalia on the salad and took the bowl of salad which he had just defaced and spat in it.”
The witness also said that he had a nearby guard unknowingly taste it to see if it was any good. Gentile bragged afterwards to the rest of the kitchen crew that "the bitch is out there eating it!"
Gentile was charged with “battery of facility employee with bodily fluids.” and his bond was set at $1500, but he's not leaving jail anytime soon. He is four months into a 1 year sentence for having sex with an underage girl. The felony conviction has landed Gentile on Florida’s sexual offender list. Something tells me that he'll be getting his own tossed salad anytime soon.
The Smoking Gun has the story

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