Who Brings An AK-47 to a Basketball Game?

It's like that one scene out of "White Men Can't Jump" when Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson hustle the wrong dude and he gets pissed and decides he's going to settle the score by shooting everyone on the basketball court. The only difference is that was a movie and this was real life.
A pick-up basketball game in Liberty County Georgia got out of hand last week when one the players forget that basketball is just a game. Police were called to the local Rec Center after a disputed foul call turned ugly and one player pulled a gun on another player. This wasn't any kind of hand gun either, dude wiped out an AK-47!! When police arrived at the pick-up game they found a huge crowd all screaming to have the gunman arrested. Cops didn't have to look very far either, he was sitting up in the bleachers calm as can be. Police reports identified the man as 25yr. old Sidney Hall from Glenville, GA and he told police the whole thing started over a bad foul call. He told police that an argument broke out and that he feared for his life because the man he was arguing with was much bigger than he was So Hall did the next logical thing and went to his car and grabbed his AK. When he returned he told the man and the rest of the crowd,
"I have a gun, and I'm not afraid of you!!".
Shortly after threatening the entire court he went back to his car and put the gun in the trunk then returned to the game and sat in the bleachers. Officers on the scene recovered the weapon along with a 30 round clip in the chamber. Police reports state that the gun was in poor condition and had been taken apart and put back together with some of the pieces in the wrong place held together by drywall screws. Obviously Hall is a big gun enthusiast. Hall was charged with disorderly conduct and it looks like he won't be getting his Maguyver gun back anytime soon. Just remember kids, sports are serious, serious business.
Fort Stewart Patch has the story

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