Worst Designated Driver Ever

Looks like we have another candidate for "Mother of the Year". I mean, technically she's a grandmother but we'll let it slide. Earlier this week the two ladies pictured above decided to have a night on the town and even planned ahead by arranging a designated driver. Only problem was that the DD turned out to be a 10 year old kid. Police in Kenner, LA received a call at 1:15 am about a car swerving and driving recklessly down the I-10. When police pulled the car over they were surprised to find a 10 year old child driving the car while two grown women sat in the back seat. The women pictured above are 54 year old Brenda Byrd(left) who is the grandmother of the 10 year old and her 48 year old passenger. The three of them were joined by a drunk 15 year old sitting shotgun. When police questioned Byrd she admitted to being too drunk to drive and  instructing her grandchild to drive the car. She was charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor and allowing an unlicensed driver to operate a motor vehicle. The two younger kids were released to relatives. Stay classy grandma!!
WWL870 has the story

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