Another Student Athlete With a Bright Future

Apparently when you're recruiting kids for your big time D-1 football program the only things that matter are 40 times and bench press reps. If coaches actually looked into the backgrounds of these kids there wouldn't be any college football. Background checks will never happen cause god forbid a major university be known for it's academic record instead of it's BCS ranking. Also, if you play defensive line West Virginia has an opening they need to fill in the next couple of weeks.
Sophomore Korey Harris was kicked off the W. Virginia college football team after he was arrested last Friday for first degree armed robbery. Hell, he can play for the Bengals or Raiders now! Harris, who's obviously a bright individual thought his cunning plan all the way through, including his wardrobe that consisted of football team issued sweat pants with his number, 96, on the side. Harris and two friends stormed their way into a Morgantown, W.VA home and held the residents at gun point as they ransacked the house for cash and electronics. The trio was arrested a short time later after the homeowners realized the number on the sweat pants and put 2 and 2 together. Harris is being held in the county jail and his bail has been set at $75,000. At the time the article was released WVU's director of communications for the football team said they had no comment on the matter. Harris played 11 games last season with 4 tackles as a true freshman. Just a few months ago in April, WVU head coach Dana Holgorsen said that Harris was suspended from the team for the spring semester for an unrelated incident. My guess is this kid would of fucked up his chances sooner or later. My only question, how the hell do these kids keep getting into college? It sure as hell isn't because of their grades. It's as if coaches want to win at any cost even it means recruiting criminals. Huh funny how that works.
Yahoo Sports has the story

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