Burger King's New Toys Rule

Forget the Happy Meal over at McDonald's because Burger King has just stepped up their kids meal game. Instead of adding just toys to their kids meal one BK in Michigan added a little something for the parents too. Police in Dundee, MI were called to a local Burger King after a family picked up a kids meal for their 4yr. old son and found a marijuana pipe inside. Reports state that the boys grandfather walked into the Burger King to purchase food for the rest of the family. When the family found the pipe they immediately called police. It didn't take long to get to the bottom the situation either. A 23yr. old employee admitted that the pipe was his. He told cops that he had the pipe on him when he showed up to work and hid it in a kids meal box. The employee said he had no intentions of putting the pipe inside of an order, it was all one big mistake. A costly one too, the 23yr. old was arrested and is awaiting charges.
USA Today has the story

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