Cat Fucker Goes Crazy

A woman in Oklahoma was worried that her dirty secret got out and threatened to kill her neighbor if he told anyone. Only problem was the neighbor had no idea what crazy lady was talking about. Turns out the crazy lady, 23yr. old Kristina Brown, likes to have sex with her cat and was worried that her neighbor, 72yr. Elmer Morrison, was going to tell everyone in the neighborhood. Brown armed herself with a pocket knife and stood at the fence separating her house and Morrison's house. She screamed for him to come out and when he finally did Brown threatened the old man and asked him "Do you wanna die?"
When police arrived and questioned Brown she told cops that she was upset with Morrison about "what he did to me". The officer kept pressing and Brown admitted that she had sex with her cat and Morrison was telling everyone. Brown later admitted that Morrison had no involvement with the whole cat fucking fiasco and was just mad because she was afraid people would find out about what she did. Brown told officers she just happened to take her anger out on her neighbor. Officers asked Morrison if he knew about Brown or her cat and told the cops that he rarely has any interaction with her. He said the whole thing was news to him. Well, Kristina Brown from Oklahoma City, if you were afraid of people finding out about your cat fetish worry no more. It's safe to say the secret is out.
The Smoking Gun has the story

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