Daniel Craig Interviews Radiohead's Thom Yorke

Radiohead front man Thom Yorke sat down for a celebrity interview with James Bond himself, Daniel Craig. The two of them touched many topics but the biggest one seemed to be what the band had planned for the future,
"God, I so wish I had a plan. [laughs] The only plan that we've had recently was to take a year off, which was something that Ed [O'Brien] wanted to do. Ed wanted to go live somewhere else and switch off." When Craig replied: "And have a life", Yorke responded: "Something like that, yeah. Just like, 'Hey, how about we have 12 months where we don't commit to anything at all?' – which is an interesting prospect."

Craig and Yorke went on to talk about the what the other members of the band have been doing with their time off,
"They're all doing bits and bobs. Jonny has his film stuff as usual, which he really enjoys. Phil [Selway] is doing a record. I just can't ever stop. Even if I stop, I'm very excited about the idea of someone saying to me, 'How about you go do something for a few weeks?' Even if it's only for a couple of days, it's like, 'Yeah, great,' because there's always this mountain of unfinished chords and ideas and words. It's always exciting because if everything else is going to shit, I've always got that."

Yorke recently made headlines with his new side project, Atoms For Peace, after the bands producer had their new album yanked off Spotify claiming that the site was "bad for new music". In the meantime Radiohead fans will have to make due until the band returns from their hiatus.
To check out the full interview with Daniel Craig and Thom Yorke click here

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