No Sex Leads to Stabbing

Break-ups and divorce are never easy, just ask this guy. An Addison, IL man is facing murder charges after he stabbed his wife for refusing sex. Kurtis Worley, 33, is being held on $3 million bond after he attacked his wife and one of his sons in a fit of rage this past weekend. Worley found out that his wife was planning to divorce him so he asked her for sex one last time before they separated. She refused after an hour of begging  from her husband. The enraged and horny Worley headed out to the garage to drown his sorrows in a bottle of tequila and vodka. Once he was good and liquored up Worley went back into the house and armed himself with 2 kitchen knives and headed for the bedroom where his sleeping wife was in bed. He told police that he stood over her for about 5 minutes then started stabbing and beating her head. Worley's two sons heard the commotion and tried to break in to the room but couldn't. Both sons pleaded with their father to open the door. They told police that once their dad opened the door he was standing there naked and looked like a psychopath. When they tried to force their way into the master bedroom Worley stabbed his oldest son in the neck. When police arrived they spotted Mrs. Worley laying on the bedroom floor bleeding from her wounds so they kicked down the locked front door and arrested Mr. Worley. Cops recovered two knives, both covered in blood from the attacks. Police reports state that Mr. Worley tried to slit his wrists after the attacks but couldn't finish the job. The son who was stabbed in the neck is in serious condition and will face lots of rehab to help regain the ability to talk. All this happened because dear old dad wanted one last fling with mom before the divorce. Brutal.
Chicago Tribune has the story

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