Phil Anselmo Releasing New Music

Phil Anselmo seems to stay pretty busy these days. Ever since his departure with Pantera he's formed some pretty successful side projects like Superjoint Ritual, Down and now his latest project, Phillip H. Anselmo & The Illegals. He recently said in an interview that he has new material but the public will have to wait a few months,
"I know for a fact I do have two songs that I'll release strictly for the upcoming Housecore Horror (film) festival at the end of October in Austin, Texas. Those two songs, I think, musically flow together pretty fuckin' well. They're very sarcastic, very tongue-in-cheek. It's all part of the ol' Philip Anselmo fucked-up world -- and I don't mean drunk or wasted. I mean just fuckin' crazy. It's crazy around here!"

Anselmo sat down with Billboard Magazine to talk about his new 8-track 40 minute album "Walk Through Exits Only",
"I could've put on any number (of songs) I wanted, but for me, these eight songs all together, 40-something minutes, that's my idea of a proper listening length," he explains. "When you start to get longer it gets a little redundant and boring, and I didn't want to bore anybody."

The group hits the road at the end of this month and will tour through the end of August. Just so happens he'll be at the Heavy MTL Festival in Montreal at the same time as Vinnie Paul, his estranged band mate from Pantera. He was asked if things would be weird between the two,
"I think we're playing on different days. We always end up playing on different days. Whether our paths cross or not, I still have my job to do, Vinnie has his job to do, so that should be the first order of business right there for both of us."

To check out the whole interview with Anselmo and read more about the new album hop over to Billboard

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