New Goretex Album "Electric Lucifer"

It's been many years in the making but the new Goretex album "Electric Lucifer" is due to drop later this summer. Goretex, who now goes by Gore Elohim, took a page out of the Axle Rose playbook by delaying it so many times it almost seems like people have forgotten about it or have just assumed it's never going to happen. Gore Elohim claims on his twitter page that the album has gone through many changes and has been delayed because he wants it to sound absolutely perfect when it hits the masses. I tried finding a firm release date but no luck, just looks like sometime later this summer. Either way, a few tracks have leaked on-line it sounds like Gore is back to his old tricks. 22 tracks as of right now with lots of featured guests like Jak Progesso, Tragedy Khadafi, and Beat Butcher. Check out the track "Late For an Early Grave" below.......

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