Spiderman's Drunken Rampage

A Cincinatti high school was the victim of a drunken Spiderman rampage this past weekend. Police say that Thomas Williams, pictured above, was caught on security cameras breaking and entering into Moeller High School wearing nothing but Spiderman underwear. Williams, 33, used rocks to break out several windows to gain entry. Once inside he emptied a number of fire extinguishers all over the school causing damage to walls and classrooms. Police arrived at the school and caught Spidey in the act. Cops on the scene said that he offered no motive behind the attire and all Williams would tell officers is that he was "looking for the football coach" and kept shifting all blame to a green goblin riding some kind of hover board. Williams is charged with breaking and entering and felony vandalism.
WTSP has the story

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