Swimming Pool on Wheels

I've always wanted to rent one of those stretch limos that has the mini pool in the back. Just cruise around sipping cocktails and enjoying my mobile pool. Since I can't afford such luxuries I can only dream about it or I could just make my own like these crafty Germans.
Police in Eibenstock, Germany saw a car cruising around town earlier this week and something didn't seem right about it. A local motorcycle cop spotted it and decided to pull over the BMW convertible after he saw it take a tight turn and water came splashing out of the interior. His suspicions were right because when he approached the car he noticed that it had been chopped up and turned into a mobile swimming pool. As you can see in the picture above the car was gutted, lined, and filled with water. Of course, you can't forget the decorative flowers and bamboo ladder. The car only has 2 gears which means that it topped out at about 15mph. After a short pursuit the driver and his 3 passengers pulled into a parking lot, jumped out, and took off running. Cops didn't give chase because they figured at some point someone would return to retrieve the pool car and they were right. Later in the day a 27yr. old male returned to the car and was stopped by officers. He told the cops that he wasn't driving but was a passenger. He had come back to get his wallet and some other belongings. However, cops did ask the man to take a blood test to determine if you had alcohol in his system. The police said they aren't sure if driving a pool car is illegal but drinking and driving is. The driver and his passengers were suspected of drinking while operating the car. One of the men in the car contacted a German tabloid and admitted to being in the pool,
"the ride was a stupid idea. It was the first time we drove on a street and we just wanted to have a little fun."
Police are investigating charges for drunk driving and driving without insurance. As of right now no charges have been filed and the pool car has been disabled.  
Spiegel OnLine has the story

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