Woman Gets Stuck During Sex

Sometimes when things get stale in a relationship couples like to re-ignite the flame by spicing things up in the bedroom. Notice I said bedroom and not the walkway entrance to your apartment complex. There's nothing wrong with getting a little adventurous with your lover but remember to keep it safe and if never leave your lover hanging by their head that's stuck in a handrail.
A Russian couple decided to kick their love life up a notch last week and take things to the great outdoors and by that I mean they decided to bang outside their apartment on a staircase. Things were going well for the romantic couple until the woman got her head stuck in the railing of the stairwell. A neighbor found the 46yr. old woman naked on all fours with her head wedged in the hand rail and complained that she couldn't free herself. So the neighbor did the nice thing by calling in the fire department who were able to free the woman from her sexy predicament. The woman was questioned by police and she told them that her and her boyfriend decided to try something new. Sometime during the romp the woman's head managed to get stuck between two railings. So why didn't her boyfriend free her? He panicked and took off running leaving her naked and dangling in the stairwell. The woman was uninjured and a little embarrassed. She wasn't charged with anything, I think being found stuck naked in a hand rail was punishment enough. One of the officers on the scene said in all his years on the force he had never seen anything like this. 
Reports state that alcohol may have played a role in all of this.
Gawker has the story

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