You're Doing It Wrong

I'm not sure if the old saying of "Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me" is applicable in this situation but it should be. I mean how many times do you have to get busted for having sex with an inflatable pool toy in public before you learn your lesson. With this guy it's more than twice.
An Ohio man is in trouble with the law again after he was busted for having sex with his neighbors inflatable pool toy, again. Police say Edwin Tobergta was spotted by his neighbors on his back deck completely naked going to town on the pool toy. Reports state that the whole scene went down in full view of children who saw Tobergta's genitals and his actions with the toy. Police arrived immediately and arrested Tobergta for public indecency and they say this wasn't the first time either. Back in 2011 he was arrested for the same thing and in 2001 was busted for engaging in sexual acts with a neighbors inflatable pumpkin in her front yard. Can you blame the guy though, did you see how that pumpkin was dressed? It was just asking for it. After the arrest in 2011 a family member told police that Tobergta has mental issues and needed help. No word on whether or not he received that help, I'm not guessing no.
WLWT has the full story

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