A Naked, One-Legged Man Walks Into Your Yard.........

A neighborhood in Perdido, FL got a little surprise this past Monday night when a naked, one-legged man went on a brick throwing rampage. According to the police reports 55yr. old Norbert Chabannes had a really bad night. He started off with trying to break into his next door neighbors house but was unsuccessful. Also, in the process he sliced open his arm. After his first attempt at a break-in failed he crawled across the street totally naked and tried a few more times to bust into some houses by tossing bricks at the windows. Someone in the neighborhood called the police and they were on the scene immediately. When they arrived they found Chabannes butt ass naked and missing his prosthetic leg. Cops said Chabannes was delirious and unresponsive while standing in a neighbors yard. Just as the officer was about to taze him Chabannes collapsed and died on the scene. Rescue crews tried to resuscitate him but it didn't work, he was pronounced dead on the spot. Officers are still trying to figure what caused the sudden death but they said at this point they still have no idea. I'm gonna stake a shot in the dark on this one and say drugs and alcohol may have been a factor. Just guessing that's the case based on his behavior leading up to his death. No further details have been released and the neighborhood no longer has to worry about the crazy, naked one-legged man running around throwing bricks through their windows.
WJHL has the story

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