Another Mother of the Year Candidate

In Oklahoma they do things a little different. For instance, when your child has lice instead of buying the shampoo one parent decided it would make more sense to douse her child in gasoline to kill those little vermin. A quick tip for anyone planning on showering their kids in gasoline, makes sure you're not sitting next to a space heater. Back in January of this year 25yr. old Shana Suggs tried to take the easy way out in solving her daughters lice problem. Police reports say that Suggs poured gasoline onto her 5yr. old daughters head in hopes of killing the lice. Instead the gas fumes hit the nearby space heater and ignited the little girl in a ball of flames. Reports state that the little girl suffered 2nd and 3rd degree burns over 60% of her body. Nice work Mom!!! The daughter was removed from her mothers custody and is currently living with relatives nearby as she goes through treatment for the burns. Right now Suggs is at the sentencing phase of the hearing and is facing a the possibility of life in prison. A little harsh if you ask me, she should be punished for stupidity but life in prison is a bit much. Maybe next time try the shampoo.
News 9 has the story

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