Budweiser May Cause Injury

According to a recent study Budweiser is the beer of choice for people who show up the hospital with alcohol related injuries. The study was completed by researchers at John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and it turns out that drinking Budweiser is responsible for 15% of ER visits involving alcohol. Well, that and the idiots drinking the stuff. You just don't go full retard from drinking Bud but it's a good start.
According to Traci Toomey, the director of the University of Minnesota’s alcohol epidemiology program, who was not involved in the study,
“Some products are marketed to certain groups of people in our society. So we might want to put some controls on certain products if we find they are tied to greater risk. But how they are marketed and priced is critical information and that has been very hard to study.”

David Jernigan, a professor of public health at Johns Hopkins says that the theory of advertising and pricing isn't 100% correct because the study was on a small scale(105 patients) and was conducted in only one city, Baltimore, with mostly black patients. He said that conclusion could be possible but it comes down to behavior over taste. In the end malt liquor and low level alcohol beer dominated the survey and liquors like vodka, gin, and cognac came in a close second. The whole thing seems a little unfair to Budweiser seeing that only 105 people were surveyed in one area. I'm not a scientist but I'd be willing to guess that any kind of alcohol will lead to injury and poor decision making. 
NBC News has the story

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