Cops Handing Out Doritos at HempFest

This day in age it's almost impossible to get on-line and not see a story about police corruption or some video showing cops beating the piss out of someone so it's nice to see a lighthearted story like this.
Seattle is preparing for the 2014 HempFest this Saturday and it's no secret that some of the participants will be puffing down. Police want their presence to be known but not in a negative way so they've decided to join in the festivities, well to an extent. The Seattle Police Dept. will be handing out single bags of Doritos for anyone who might have the munchies, but there's kind of catch. On each bag of Doritos there will be a note directing people to a website that outlines the law I-502, the marijuana decriminalization law recently passed in Washington state. Department spokesman Sean Whitcomb says there's still a few gray areas with the law and most pot smokers still don't know whats allowed,
"Seattle Police public affairs knew that we wanted to continue our education campaign regarding (legalizing marijuana initiative) I-502. There's still a lot of confusion in Seattle and the rest of the state about what's allowed and what isn't; what the rules are and what's going to get you in trouble with the police."

Seems fair enough. The SPD wants festival goers to know that they won't be crashing the party and throwing everyone in jail who dares light up. As long as festival goers are smoking pot responsibly they see no real harm. To date the department hasn't written any tickets for marijuana since I-502 passed. They also want people to know that all funds used to pay for the Doritos were raised by the department, no tax money was used. It's just nice to see that something like this is happening instead of waves of officers moving through the crowd arresting anyone they can get their hands on. The department spokesman says if you plan on attending the event and want some free munchies you have to act fast,
"I've been assured that with this particular crowd, they won't last long." 

KATU.com has the story

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