Drunk Woman Pukes and Passes Out Inside Ikea

An Ikea store in Netanya, Isreal got their new shipment of drunks in this week. Store officials say that a woman wandered in off the streets drunk and proceeded to puke all over a display couch then passed out on one of the beds. The best part is employees at the store let her sleep it off until closing time. HA!!
Apparently the woman had a little too much to drink and somehow found herself inside of an Ikea. After stumbling around the store she landed on a couch but didn't stay there long because she hurled all over it. Once she got done getting rid of her lunch she found herself a nice cozy bed to sleep it off. She even crawled under the covers for the full effect. Employees at the store were a little scared to wake her so they decided to leave her be. Customers didn't seem to mind much and some of them didn't even notice her. At the end of the business day Ikea figured she had gotten the full in-store experience and woke the woman up. She explained to the security guard that she wasn't feeling well and later apologized for her antics. Officials at the store said that since she wasn't feeling well they figured she was best left alone. No charges were filled.
My Fox Philly has the story

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