Karaoke Song Choice Leads to Stabbing

In the immortal words of the dude, "I hate the fucking Eagles, man" and apparently this guy does too. An American tourist was doing a little bar hopping over in Thailand this past week and he decided to try out one of the local karaoke bars. Only problem was that the band on stage decided to play another song, not the one picked by the patron. Tourist Bobby Ray Carter and his son stopped in Longhorn Saloon in the beach town of Ao Nang to sing a little karaoke. Carter picked his song and joined the live house band on stage to sing his little heart out. The house band had other plans. When Carter stepped on stage the band began to play "Hotel California" by The Eagles, not the song Carter picked. An argument broke out between Carter and the band. When he was asked to leave the stage he refused. Since he wouldn't leave the band said fuck it and went on break. That's when Carter followed the band members outside and continued the argument. Things got heated and a fight broke out then one of the band members picked up an iron rod and stabbed Carter one time in the chest, enough to kill him. Carter died en route to the hospital. The Associated Press picked up the story and interviewed the local police chief,

"When the musicians decided to take a break, Carter stayed on the stage, singing and arguing with the band alongside his son. It is then reported that Carter demanded the money he had given the band back and that a fight broke out outside the pub. The man was stabbed twice, once in the chest with an iron rod. The band was arrested and charged with assault and causing death by physical attack. One was also charged with possession of an illegal firearm."

A member of the house band spoke with a local newspaper and told them they never intended to kill Carter, they were just defending themselves,
"We accept that we attacked them, but we didn’t intend to kill anyone. The father and son came to the pub and they joined us singing on the stage. Then we had an argument with them because they refused to stop singing when the time was up. The father knocked our tip-box to the floor. We left the stage and sat [outside] in front of the bar. After a while they came outside and started another argument with us. The father knocked me to the ground first, and I could not breathe because he was sitting on my chest. Then I spotted a sharp piece of metal nearby, so I grabbed it and stabbed him."
Let this be a lesson to anyone who plans on screwing with a karaoke house band in Thailand. That shit is serious business over there. And really, no one wants to hear a karaoke version of The Eagles. No one.
NME has the full story

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