Lead Singer of The Calling Kidnapped and Beaten

I'm not saying this guys story sounds a little strange but his story sounds a little strange. The lead singer from the band The Calling claims that he was abducted by a couple of dudes in a van then he was beaten and left for dead on the train tracks. The totally believable and not made up at all story goes like this, Alex Band had just finished up a gig in Lapeer, MI and decided to blow off some steam with a night on the town, alone at 3am. As he was walking down the street a blue van pulled up, grabbed Band and threw him inside. From their the men in the van demanded Band's 'Hollywood money' while they beat him with a steel baton and held a gun to his face. Band tried to fight back but only made matter worse. The beating continued until Band told his assailants that he was a father to be and they had mercy on him and threw him out of the van. The singer was later found by other members of his band bloody and unconscious laying across a set of train tracks. Band has since spoken about the incident and claims that the story is not made up and has nothing to do with drugs. Riiiiiiiiight. My guess, and I'm not a detective but I have spent lots of time with musicians, is that Alex left his hotel room in search of a late night score. He encountered the wrong people and got his pretty little ass kicked. I know, nothing like that has ever happened in the history of people buying drugs in the wrong neighborhood so it might seem a little crazy. When all was said and done Band limped away with a fractured lower spine, 15 stitches on the his lower chin, 3 broken teeth, and bruising on his side and stomach from the baton beating. Police in LaPeer, MI say they're looking for the van matching Band's description but haven't found anything yet. I can't recall ever hearing this band and judging from the lead singer up top I'm going to say I don't like their music. They hit the charts in 2001 with their hit "Wherever You Will Go". The Calling just started up their comeback tour after an 8 year break.
NME has the story

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