Man Shoots Friend Over Drunk Driving Dispute

When you're out getting all lit up it's always a good idea to have a friend who's willing to act as the designated driver. If you don't have a DD then the best thing to do is call a cab. Or at least have a buddy who's smart enough to take your keys away so you don't drive anywhere. Oh and don't shoot that friend who's trying to take your keys, he's just trying to help out.
This past weekend a man in Cleveland had a little too much to drink so his buddy did the right thing and tried to take his keys away so he couldn't drive home. Bad idea. Turns out the drunk friend, 40yr. old Scott Campbell, doesn't like when people try to save his life. When Campbell tried to leave the bar his friend took away his car keys and a fight broke out. Campbell insisted that he could drive home despite the fact that he was intoxicated. When his friend refused to give him back his car keys Campbell decided drastic actions needed to be taken and he shot his friend at point blank range in the chest. You try to save my life I take yours away, seems about the line of thinking for someone who's shit faced. After shooting his friend Campbell took off on foot but was caught a short time later by police and is being charged with felonious assault shooting, having weapons while under disability, tampering with evidence, and possession of criminal tools. The friend who was shot was taken to a nearby hospital and is recovering and is expected to live. Whatever happened to everybody climbing into one car after the bar and making a 2:30am Taco Bell run? That's seems like a much better way to end the night than shooting your buddy in the chest.
The Auto Blog has the story

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