Naked Man on Drugs Arrested at Hotel

Apparently this weeks theme is naked guys on drugs getting busted by the cops. I just posted a story about a nude dude on LSD chasing cars in traffic now this.
Police in Spring Mills, West Virginia got a call this past Tuesday about a naked man rolling around in a hotel parking lot causing a disturbance.When officers arrived they found 50yr. old Riley Newman whacked out of his mind, rolling around on the ground screaming that he was on fire. He was not on fire. Officers tried to subdue Newman but he resisted and once he was cuffed officers noticed that he might be on drugs. They questioned him but Newman refused to answer any questions. A quick search of his hotel room turned up cocaine and baking soda. When Newman finally did talk he told officers that he had purchased powdered cocaine in Delaware and traveled to W. Virginia where he used the powdered coke and baking soda to make free base. Newman was transported to a nearby hospital where he underwent evaluations and once he was cleared he was arrested on charges of possession of cocaine, obstructing a law enforcement officer, and indecent exposure. He was later released from custody on $35,000 bail. My guess is that if anyone was waiting for Newman to bring back some coke they better make another phone call.
Journal-News has the story

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