Tenacious D in "Death of a Dream"

Last night I sat and watched all 6 episodes of the old Tenacious D series that ran on HBO back in the late '90s. I still remember sitting on my parents couch and watching these for the first time, thinking to myself, "I have no idea what the hell this is but I love it." And I also remember thinking, "Wait! Isn't that the dude from that roller blade movie with Seth Green?" This is without a doubt my favorite episode. After another open-mic night, the band announces a T-shirt signing. When nobody shows up for the autograph session, the pair have a chance to talk to the store owner, Captain Ed, who convinces the duo that believing they could be rock stars is like believing in Sasquatch. The band almost gives up on their dream, but are saved when they discover that Sasquatch does exist.

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