Worst First Date Ever

There's a lot of faux pas you want to avoid when on a first date, one of them being trying not to fall to your death from a 17th floor balcony.
A Manhattan woman left a mark on her date after she fell to her death from a 17th floor balcony at her apartment earlier this month. The date was going fine until the woman, 35yr. old Jennifer Rosoff, went out to have a cigarette at 1am and fell after the railing she was sitting on collapsed. She landed on a construction scaffolding and died instantly. Police on the scene spoke with the man who she was on the date with and he claims that he told Rosoff not to lean on the railing because it might break. That's not freaky at all. After speaking with the man police ruled out foul play and determined that alcohol did not play a factor in the incident. One of the neighbors told police that the balconies are very small and aren't really meant for social gatherings which is probably why the railing failed. City inspectors were called in to take a look at all the railings on the balconies and have asked that residents stay off their balconies in the meantime. One tenant told reporters that the building was well maintained and there had been no problems with structural integrity in the past. CBS New York has the story

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