"Yeah 911, my cable is out. Can you send over an officer?"

I always get a kick out of these stories because it shows how stupid people can be. What some of us might consider a minor inconvenience or no big deal at all is considered by some to be a life threatening emergency that can only be handled by the police. For instance, when your cable goes out that's not really a big deal and it sure as hell doesn't mean you should tie up the 911 emergency line. Police in Fairfield, CT received numerous 911 calls this past Sunday night from people complaining about the power and cable being out. It got to the point that the department took to their Facebook page and reminded people that a power outage is not a police matter. It also reminded people that misuse of the 911 line could result in arrest. Imagine if you were in a life or death situation trying to contact the police but couldn't get through because the line was tied up by some dickhead calling to complain he was missing Sunday Night Football. Plus, why would you call the police because the cable is out? What's the end game there? Have the cops arrest the person responsible for causing the outage? That would be like calling the gas company because you're having a problem with your washing machine. Makes no sense. The local cable company released a statement saying that the outage was due to a blackout in the Norwalk facility and the situation had been corrected.
ABC 27 has the story

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