You're Killing Me Smalls

One of the best sports movies of all-time is "The Sandlot" and one of the things that made it great was the cast of young actors. You really don't hear much from those kids these days, seems like most of them have moved past the acting phase and are just enjoying life. One of them in particular managed to get himself back in the headlines and it's not for a big role in a new summer blockbuster. Tom Guiry, who played the main character Smalls, made the news yesterday after he was arrested for head-butting a police officer. It sounds like Smalls was waiting to catch a flight at the Bush Intercontinental Airport in Dallas and decided to have one too many cocktails. By the time he boarded the flight one of the attendants determined he had too much to drink and asked him to leave the plane. This did not sit well with Smalls, he got rowdy and lippy with the attendant and security had to be called in. When the officers arrived they gave Smalls two choices, go to jail or sleep it off in the airport drunk tank. He went with his own third option, fight the cops. Smalls went into attack mode and head-butted one of the officers and tried to kick another in the face. He was eventually detained and arrested on charges of felony assault on a police officer. He later posted his bail and was released. Reports state that the officer suffered minor injuries in the fracas. Seems to me he needs some sage advice from his old friend Benny. After checking his IMDB it looks like he still gets acting gigs from time to time but nothing that will ever rival the success of "The Sandlot". All I want to know is if the arresting officer yelled out "You're killing me Smalls!" while they were rolling around and fighting on the ground.
TMZ has the story and mugshot

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