Banned Garbage Pail Kids Cartoon

Back in 1987 CBS decided to capitalize on the popularity of the Garbage Pail Kids by giving them their own cartoon. Since this is the Garbage Pail Kids we're talking about it was only a matter of time before parents found out and flipped their shit. CBS was all ready to add GPK to their Saturday morning cartoon line-up but the powers that be stepped in and canceled the show at the last minute due to complaints from parent groups and the Christian Leaders for Responsible Television. As we all know, when one uptight christian doesn't like something that means no one is allowed to enjoy it. I used to be super into GPK cards and had about 10 shoe boxes filled with the things. My Mom hated those cards and to this day I really don't see the problem. Sure they were a little crass and gross but it was a trading card, these were not real people. Now that I think back I'm pretty sure every mom on the block hated those things so it's no surprise that the kids cartoon show was axed. Eventually we got stuck with movie and to this day it's possibly one of the worst movies ever made. Even as an 8 year kid I could barely sit through that shit. Below is the first episode, the show only made it one season with 13 total episodes. It ran mostly in Europe during the '87-'88 season. This would have been such a great cartoon back then. Oh well.........

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