Buy Your Very Own Giant AT-AT

Well, I know what I'm asking for this upcoming Christmas. I just need to find a place to store it, don't think the garage can hold all the awesome. Head over to Ebay and start placing your bids now for the giant almost life size AT-AT, it will only cost you around $16,000. This nerdgasm come to life stands at 16 feet but there's a small catch well actually two catches. First, it's over in England so you have to find a way to drag it across the pond. Second, it's not functional. So any hopes you had of taking this thing for a spin down your block can be shelved for another time. But still, how fucking bad ass would it be to own a replica AT-AT?!
The AT-AT is being sold by Hollywood's-Finest-Stuff and was built from wood and metal.
Per the Ebay description,
This is a once in a lifetime opportunity! Never has one of these come up for sale EVER!! This is a completely one off, stunning hand made static display replica, built very sturdily from Metal and Wood. It has been fully weather proofed and can live outside! It even comes fitted to it's own trailer, which it easily removes from, as it is fitted to a metal frame stand so it doesn't have to be displayed on the trailer.

I might have to pass on this one unfortunately, I don't think my wife will think it's as cool as I do. Plus, I'm still holding out for a life size X-Wing Flyer. Hey, a guy can dream right?
Gizmodo has the story

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