Creepy Guy Steals 200 Bike Seats

A Japanese man was arrested recently for stealing over 200 bike seats from women's bikes. The 35yr. old man was spotted on security cameras lifting a single bike seat and police in Yokohama finally tracked him down. They weren't too concerned with the theft of a single seat but after they searched his apartment they found over 200 more bike seats. More than anything the cops were intrigued as to why he would steal and keep all these seats from a woman's bike, he didn't seem to be using them for anything. So the police asked, why all the seats? His reply, "I wanted to smell the lingering scent of a woman. I like the texture of the leather and smell it has. I would lick it and sniff it." What the fucking fuck!?! He didn't stop there either, he went on to tell police how he has a special talent for sniffing out bike seats that have been used by woman. He told police, "Leather seats especially are the best for trapping the glorious scent of a woman rider. The creep, Joji Kondo, was eventually arrested. I'm guessing for theft. I don't know if Japan was a law against sniffing bike seats used by women. Investigators estimated his seat collection in the neighborhood of $12,000.
That's a whole lot of swamp ass.
Odd Crimes has the story

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