Father of the Year Candidate

It's one thing to be a meth smoking weirdo in the privacy of your own home and it's another thing to be a meth smoking weirdo out in public with your kids. John Harty from Seattle had a really bad night back in April when he decided to take his kids toy shopping while high on meth wearing nothing but a t-shirt and pair of fake breasts. On the way to the toy store Harty crashed into 3 vehicles at speeds up to 100mph. No one was seriously injured in the crash but one of Hary's daughters said she still has nightmares. When police searched Harty's car after the accident the only thing they found was a pair of women's panties and a jar full of pee sitting at his feet. He told officers he thought he was dreaming when he crashed his car.
This past Friday the 31yr. old father was finally sentenced to 29 months in jail and lost his license for the next 7 years. My guess is that at some point he'll also lose his wife and kids. Harty addressed the court and said there was no excuse for his actions and apologized to his family. No word if he gets to keep his fake boobs.
Huffington Post has the story

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