Man Leaves Child in Car While He Parties at Strip Club

This seems to be a common theme coming out of Florida lately. Probably has nothing to do with the insane amount of rednecks running around down there. I mean who hasn't thought about leaving their kid in the car while you slip inside the titty bar to slide dollar bills into some chicks thong. Oh right, nobody.
Police in Deland, FL were called to Dixie's Gentlemen's Club early Sunday morning after one of the dancers was outside and spotted a young child sitting in a parked car. The woman checked on the boy and saw that he was crying and seemed scared so she brought him inside the club's office and waited for police to arrive. Once on the seen the cops arrested 25yr. old Jordan Caraway. Police reports say that the child was visibly shaken and had dirt and grease smudged on his face. When dad was questioned he did the only thing a deadbeat would do, blame someone else. Caraway told the cops that his friend had agreed to watch the child while he was inside. Only problem was that nobody told the friend, the friend told police he was inside with Caraway the whole time. Police interviewed the boys mother who told them she left the child in Caraway's care when she left for work Saturday afternoon. She checked in with Caraway throughout the day and night and he told her that he was at a party with the child and that the boy was safe. Something tells me daddy may be out a girlfriend when this is all over. Caraway was charged with misdemeanor child neglect and remains in county lockup on a $500 bond.
The Smoking Gun has the story

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