PlayStation Fight Leads to Stabbing

I admit I can get carried away when I'm playing video games, be it Call of Duty on-line or playing someone head to head in Madden but at some point the desire to win subsides when I realize that's it just a game. There's no real life consequences whether you win or lose. It's just a fucking game. Someone needs to tell these two before someone ends up in a body bag.
A woman and her boyfriend were getting in some early morning gaming this past Saturday when things got heated. Myra Edwards, 22, of Syracuse became so enraged over the game they were playing that she picked up a knife and attacked her boyfriend, 22 yr. old Leonard Jenkins, stabbing him in the arm. She's just lucky she wasn't playing against his brother Leroy Jenkins. No word on what game they were playing either. Police and EMT were called to the scene and Jenkins was treated on the spot for his injuries. Edwards was arrested and charged with second degree assault and fourth degree possession of a weapon. She was booked into the county jail and remained there until Sunday night on $5,000 bail. 
Syracuse.com has the story

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