School of Rock Turns 10 Years Old

It's been 10 years since Jack Black hit the big screen with his movie "School of Rock" and in honor of the occasion he got the band back together. The picture above features members from the actual band and you can still recognize most of them. The keyboard player, Lawrence hasn't changed a bit  - Miranda Cosgrove (Summer: band manager), Joey Gaydos Jr. (Zack: guitar), Robert Tsai (Lawrence: keyboards) and Kevin Alexander Clark (Freddy Jones: drums. The original School of Rock reunited at the Paramount Theater in Austin, TX for a little party and an impromptu performance. The rest of the group was there too including Mike White who played Black's roommate Ned Schnebly and director Richard Linklater. From what I've read it sounds like most of the kids in the movie dodged a Hollywood career, this film being their only acting credit. Most of them seem to still enjoy making and playing music. The only real notable name out of the kids is Miranda Cosgrove, who after 10 years in the biz still can't act to save her life but that's to be expecting for a Disney/Nick actor.

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