Teen Calls Cops on Spider

A few weeks back a young girl in Forest Grove, OR came home to find a "huge freaking spider" and didn't know what to do. She figured, hell I'll call the police. Maybe they can help. Usually these articles end with me making fun of the person for misusing 911 for some dumb ass reason but this girl actually got a little sympathy and a helping hand from the police. At least the girl realized calling 911 for a spider was a little ridiculous,
911 Operator: Hello this is dispatch.

Girl: I have kind of ridiculous question. I'm home alone and there's a giant spider on the back of my couch. And I am talking giant, I've never seen a spider this big and I have no idea what to do.

911 Operator: What's on the back of your couch?

Girl: A spider. As ridiculous as that sounds I have spent the last 20 minutes panicking. It is so big I don't know what to do.

911 Operator: Like how big? The size of a baseball or golf ball?

Girl: Yeah. It's probably the size of a baseball. It's HUGE. Someone in my family was just bitten by a spider, a brown recluse I think. It was my mom.........I don't know if there's anything I can do or I just sit here and stare it at until someone comes home.

911 Operator: Well, I can send someone over to kill it...........

And he did just that. The reason I'm not making shit of this girl is that if you listen to the audio she clearly realizes that calling the cops for a spider is a little silly but she's clearly scared after her mother suffered a recluse bite and had to rushed to the hospital. An officer arrived shortly after the call was placed and helped the young girl out. The spider was never identified but the officer said it was about 2 inches in diameter, not exactly a beast but something to make your skin crawl if you're scared of spiders. The cop nailed with a rolled up newspaper and called it a day. Local police said it's not normal for them to make house calls for bugs but they decided to help the young girl out and take out the "huge freaking spider".
KPTV has the story

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