These Guys Get My Vote

I'll admit to watching "America's Got Talent" the last couple of seasons. This year I totally gave up on it though, mostly because I can't really get behind a "talent show" that features 2 judges like Heidi Klum and that chick from the Spice Girls. I mean come on. How do you expect people to take your show serious when one of the judges was a former Spice Girl, possibly one of the worst music acts in the history of ever. And Heidi Klum?! Her only talent is being born with nice tits. At least Howie Mandel had a stand-up career and Howard Stern has seen a few interesting "acts" in his life so I give him a pass. OK, end rant. The clip below is from "India's Got Talent" and this act is way better than anything I've ever seen on the US version. It's hard to keep track of everything going on but needless to say they got a pretty strong stage presence. Feast your eyes on The Kings of Punjab, the shows winner from a few years back. Think Jackass with turbans........

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