#1 - "Basket Case"

I decided to put together another list of my "Must Watch" movies for this Halloween season. This year it kind of jumps around between gorey, campy, and just down right obscene. Most of the movies aren't your typical Halloween flicks with scary monsters or jump out and scare you moments. This year I was leaning more towards just gross and gorey. You can find a lot of these movies on NetFlix and I posted full versions when I could. Grab yourself some popcorn, turn off the lights, and get ready to scream your way through another year of Halloween horror flicks!! I couldn't think of a better way to start off this list than with an '80s horror classic, "Basket Case". Sure it's not a piss your pants scary type of movie but it delivers in ways only a horrible '80s movie can. If you've never seen this movie you're missing out. The god awful special effects should be all the reason you need to sit and shake your head through this movie. Plus, you can't beat a movie that's primarily shot in an New York City S&M club. The story goes like this, A young man carrying a big basket that contains his deformed Siamese-twin brother seeks vengeance on the doctors who separated them against their will.

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