#6 - "African Addio"

Before there was "Faces of Death" and long before you could watch just about any kind of depraved act on-line there was a little movie that made barf bags part of the viewing experience. The best part, it's all real!!! "African Addio" or "Africa Blood and Guts" is another surreal documentary from the depraved mind of Italian director Gualtiero Jacopetti. Much like his "Mondo" movies Jacopetti takes viewers on a trip to places they might not ever visit and shows them images outside their comfort zones. Again, this is all 100% real, no special effects. From the producers of 'Mondo Cane' comes this violent document of a continent in transition; the change from white colonialism to independent black statehood. Often times, this resulted in the wholesale massacre of thousands of people and the indiscriminate extermination of wild life. Captured on film are mercenary killer squads wiping out entire villages, executions, Mau-Mau massacres and more!

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