Action Bronson Puts Fan in Timeout

Somebody at a recent Action Bronson show got a candid clip of the MC putting a fan in timeout. The fan in question was flicking lit cigarettes butts at Action and eventually got caught. What do you expect from a guy wearing a Tap Out t-shirt. Not only did Action see the guy do it but people in the crowd ratted him out and rightfully so. What a dick thing to do. So Action pulled the dude up on stage and made him sit there like an asshole but the fan didn't listen. The video picks up after Action made the guy sit up on stage. The next song kicks in and the fan starts pumping his arms and Action stops the beat again. He wasn't brought up on stage to be a cheerleader, he was put there to be embarrassed. So since the fan didn't want to play ball Action made him stand in the corner facing the wall in timeout. Too funny!! Dudes lucky he didn't get his head split open. Unfortunately, the whole thing was filmed with a potato. Landscape view!!

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