Drunk Man Claims to be Peggy Hill

How fucked up do you have to be to tell cops that you're a cartoon character when they ask you for your I.D.? At least stick with something that's in the realm of possibilities. An Iowa City man was arrested this past weekend from a warrant relating to an incident back in February. Police say they were called about a man crying on the side of the road. When they arrived on the scene cops found a man sitting in a creek. When they approached him to ask what was going on it became pretty obvious that the man was drunk. He told cops that his name was Peggy Hill and he was from Arlington, TX. Come on man, at least get the town right. It's Arlen! He also told police that he was looking for a group of 4 Girl Scouts that he had lost. Police and rescue workers pulled 18yr. old Sean Siegert from the creek but he kept crying and insisting the he had to find the Girl Scouts and help them earn their merit badges. Siegert was charged with public intoxication and was transported to a nearby hospital and was treated for not being able to hold his liquor.
Press-Citizen has the story

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