Feud Between Neighbors Leads to Piss Tossing

Every neighborhood in the world has that one neighbor that no one likes. It's inevitable, there's always one asshole in the group. Normally when dealing with people like this it's best to call the cops and let them take care of it. Retaliating only makes things worse and you then become one of the assholes.
Two women in Nashville were arrested this past Sunday for assaulting their neighbor. It all started the night before out at a local club. The two women who were arrested, Johnesha Benford and Tamaria Sterling, had a run in with a neighbor while out clubbing at what I'm sure was a swanky establishment. Tensions boiled over into the next day and Benford and Sterling decided to confront the woman at her house. The victim told police she was preparing dinner, a roast, when she heard a knock at the door. Not wanting to burn the roast she took it with her when answering the door. The victim opened the door and saw it was Sterling and Benford and the cat fight began. All the women started screaming and yelling at each other and before she knew it the victim was being doused with a cup of urine. She fought back by throwing her roast at them and slamming the door in their face. Sterling and Benford didn't stop there. They beat the door until it opened and they assaulted the victim once more. Witnesses broke up the fight before police arrived. When the cops did show up they questioned everyone on the scene and the consensus seemed to be that the victim was acting in self defense with Benford and Sterling being the aggressors. The two piss tossers were charged with assault and aggrevated battery. No word on who the pee belonged to.
WKRN has the story

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