Haz Mat Team Called to Florida Mall

If you're planning on heading out to the mall to spread your wife's ashes inside one of the stores it's always best to call ahead and make someone knows you're coming. It might avoid a mix up and you won't have to involve the haz mat squad.
Just about every fire truck, cop car, and guys in haz mat suits in Sarasota swarmed the Westfield Southgate Mall earlier this week after they received calls that a man was spreading an unknown powder around the mall and inside the LensCrafter store. The mall went into lock down while emergency crews searched the building for any kind of evidence. After a quick search they found the guy who was sprinkling the powder and discovered the powder was actually the cremated remains of the suspects wife who had recently passed away,
"His fiancée passed away a number of months ago. She has a connection to Westfield and he was spreading her cremated remains around the mall," said Lt. Ledwith.

Police aren't identifying the man and say they have no plans on pressing any charges. They say he had no criminal intent and didn't realize he was causing a panic. Reports stated that the man was still pretty shook up about his wife's death so the Sarasota police arranged some grief counseling classes.
Fox Tampa has the story 

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