Train Runs Over Couple Having Sex on Tracks

There's nothing wrong with wanting to spice up your sex life. Some couples like to try things like role play or sex in a public place. I suppose the thrill of being caught adds a little extra flavor. If you plan on doing the sex in public thing it's always a good idea to choose a spot that won't result in you being run over by a train.
A couple in the Ukraine found out the hard way why people don't screw on train tracks. A middle aged couple decided to stop on the tracks for a quickie and were run over by a switcher train early this past Saturday morning. The woman believed to be in her 30's died on the spot and her boyfriend, believed to be in his 40's, lost both of his legs later on at the hospital. Police spoke with the man and he told them that they couldn't wait to get home and decided to go at it right there on the tracks. He told police that they were caught in the moment and didn't have time to move out of the way. No charges were filed against the train conductor and from now on I'm guessing the boyfriend will be keeping it in the bedroom.
Ria Novosti has the story

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